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關於劉智衛 About Samuel Lau - 劉智衛 Lau Chi Wai , Samuel

關於劉智衛 About Samuel Lau


自幼成長於澳洲悉尼,十三歲起學習結他。中學開始了對音樂永不言棄的執着,成為了 Samuel 年輕時期裏最重要的追夢動力之一。

畢業於澳洲悉尼音樂學院,Australian Institute of Music (AIM), 雖然於悉尼成長,但自少酷愛亞洲文化和音樂,二十四歲時決心回流香港發展。

最難忘的經歷要數… 十五歲於澳洲悉尼音樂歌劇學院為音樂會演出自家改編的作品。

入行途徑… 2012年參加香港TVB無線電視節目 《超級巨聲3》成為最後六強參賽者。後曾為無線電視合約藝員。

2015年成為了獨立的音樂人,Samuel 全力專注音樂創作,2015-16年自資音樂製作公司 Bluebird Music HK 。

Samuel 精通作曲、編曲、混音至監製全盤的後期製作。擅長結他、電結他和夏威夷小結他。


About Lau Chi Wai, Samuel

Samuel Lau 劉智衞

Samuel Lau

Australian born Chinese, a passionate singer/songwriter, guitarist and music producer. Samuel graduated with outstanding results in Bachelor of Contemporary Music performance in Vocal & Sound engineering from the Australian Institute of Music.

Samuel loves Hong Kong and is very passionate about Chinese culture and martial arts. In 2012, he came back to Hong Kong and entered TVB “The Voice 3” singing competition and went straight into the top 6.

Samuel has set up his music production company,  Bluebird Music HK just over a year.

Samuel latest song September has just been released! Watch it here.

In the coming months, Samuel is going to release his EP album “S U N R I SE” with a selection of his original creations of Mandarin and English songs.

So, stay tuned! LIKE Samuel on Facebook now. For work and press contact please click here.


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劉智衛 Lau Chi Wai , Samuel