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未來動向 - 劉智衛 Lau Chi Wai , Samuel


未來數月劉智衛將陸續發佈的單曲有《September 久月》,《刺膀》Angel,《Sofia》和《Home》。大家可以在以下試聽《September 久月》節錄的一部份。還有首數新歌也正在錄製中。由Samuel一手包辦作曲、編曲和大部份幕後製作、填詞。



《天亮》為劉智衛久違了的首支發佈國語單曲。希望用3分20秒和大家一起反思追求夢想、勞碌工作背後的代價,時間匆匆,可是人總是永遠把關心留在往後。當我們平心靜氣時,或許一個陪伴已經是最窩心的事。若果大家喜歡這首歌,可以點擊 @SamuelLauMusic Youtube Official Channel 連結前往留言分享你的故事和感受。

《September 久月》









劉智衛希望更多人聽懂他的分享和創作。Samuel從來未曾想要放棄唱廣東歌,大家一起在 Samuel 的 Official Youtube Channel 留言吧。

Samuel will be releasing his Mandopop and English songs in the next two months.

The song list is Sunrise, September, Angel , Sofia and Home.

Sunrise is a song to remind us of how we have all given up things during the passage of time while we chased our dreams and, life goals.

September is about that special someone, who we have met and lost, but will always be in our heart. While “September” in Chinese also symbolised ‘a long lasting relationship/ friendship’ and also means ‘forever’.

Angel is a song about the not so great moments we all encounter in life and through the song we are simply questioning the now and the future. And what changes could we have made.

Sunrise is now playing on @SamuelLauMusic YouTube channel or simply use our player here to enjoy the music.



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劉智衛 Lau Chi Wai , Samuel